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NOTE: ALL PRICES IN CANADIAN DOLLARS (unless otherwise noted)

Our latest offering

Are you building, or planning to build, a set of Murphy 1800 Amphibious Floats?
If so, save yourself the guess work and purchase our float building CD.
1195 pictures of the float build in the exact order it takes to build them, as well as
various mounting examples. CD is set up for very easy viewing and NOT just a bunch
of files that you have to pick your way through. $175 cdn plus applicable taxes/postage.
Credit card orders only. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

**Attention Homebuilders**
Freshly Overhauled Engines from two of
Ontario's Finest Engine Overhaul Facilities

We have been working with A.T.C. (Orillia) and Leavens Aviation (Toronto), for some time now,
to allow us to supply you with freshly overhauled engines for installation in your homebuilt aircraft!
The following engines are currently, or soon to be, available (subject to presale of course).
Please contact us by e-mail at
oifa@irishfield.on.ca for more details in regards to these engines.

One - LYCOMING O-320-A2B - Narrow Deck - 150 HP

We have a complete engine in parts.... disassembled and inspected by A.T.C.
Cylinder assemblies have been bored and Nickle Chromed back to Std by ECI.
 The Valves have been installed with new guides and the pistons/rings have been fitted.
Fresh O/H camshaft, lifter bodies and plungers. Used mags and all associated
 hardware for assembly, drive gears, accessory case pivot shafts etc.
 Crankshaft has some pitting on the, currently Std, thrust bearing face that may
not come clean by turning underize. Wouldn't hesitate to use it in an airboat
and may come clean enough for your experimental as well.
 Open to serious offers on the SOLD SOLD SOLD we have into this engine, to move it.

New Old Stock (NOS) Aircraft Hardware and Parts
(click above to view our inventory and prices)

We have an amazing variety of New Old Stock Aircraft Hardware and Parts. (AN, MS, NAS)
Also, various New and Used Airframe Parts and long forgotten, hidden treasures!
We also have a large variety of AirCorps - 811 style plumbing fittings, which are no longer mfg.
Need NOS Cowl Rings for your DC3/C47? A "New" Tail Wheel Fork for your Norseman?
Or maybe you just need some of the 95,000+ anchor nuts we have, in 68 different varieties
We have a huge selection of aluminum hardware, to save considerable weight in your homebuilt!

Please view our inventory, to see if we can supply your requirements and also save you money!

Firewall Reinforcing Plates for the Murphy Rebel
(a must for 0-320's on floats or skis)

This 3 piece kit ties your Rebel's motor mounts into the witches hats, to avoid firewall distortion.
Prefabricated plates- $165.
00 cdn per set. Requires approximately 200 rivets to install, purchased seperately.

Compression Spring Gear Struts
(never play with bungees again!)

Manufactured from 4130N Chrome Moly tube for the MURPHY REBEL
Available in a 6" spring model for $665.00 Cdn and a 12" spring model for $785.00 Cdn
(Your fuselage must be complete with the gear installed to order, as measurements are required!)

UHS Fiberglass Spinners

We are your authorized Canadian UHS dealer! Call or email us for pricing
on your homebuilts spinner requirements! (8" to 14" diameters).

Made in Canada with Pride! Distributed in Canada with flight proven confidence by OIFA!

Below are some of what we have! Please contact for further information!


Hydraulic Wheel Skis for Amateur Builts and Owner Maintenance Aircraft.
Overall size approximately 68" x 18"... so good for airplanes up to about 3150lbs gross wt.
Work EXTREMELY well on anything lighter...... with immense flotation in powder snow!

Due to various mounting needs for each model of aircraft the pricing varies depending
on whether the customer is going to take care of mounting/rigging or we are doing it!
Built to Certified standards and priced with the Amateur built market in mind. Complete ski set
(including hydraulic cylinders) ready to attach to the PURCHASERS manufactured fittings and
their hydraulic system $10,665 Cdn. Price with attach fittings pre-manufactured for most airplanes
(may need your plane on site to mfg.)$11,625 Cdn. Price with all attach fittings, check cables/springs
fabricated and most hardware $12,055 Cdn. Price installed to your airplane with everything EXCEPT
the hydraulic lines/pump etc $12,700 Cdn. Note that our INSTALLED price is about $2000
less than the only competitors "in the crate" price for just their similar skis. Hydraulic system quoted
upon request due to different desires and airplanes that already have a system for amphibious floats.
For more information/pictures/etc please email Wayne oifa@irishfield.on.ca


We have two sets of 3500 skis with various rigging on them. $3250.00 per set or Best Offer.


We have a set of Federal SC-1 Skis available, complete with J3 adapter bushings.
Can also be used on numerous ultralight or homebuilt aircraft.
Static rating is 700 pounds per ski.(1400 gross) Selling at $900.
00 Cdn


Only 2 sets left, of A1500A's, out of the 8 sets we had.
Both sets need to be re-bottomed and would require deposits for us to proceed.
$1500 cdn with aluminum bottoms and $1650 cdn if you want UHMW (plastic) as well.


Like new (if not new!) Part # C3US107B, serial #5, Mfg date 6.1.56. Fiberglass ski, complete with
tail wheel axle mounts and cross bolt. Looks like missing some bungee/check cable brackets, but other
than that it is in MINT CONDITION. Asking $2250.
00 Cdn(or Serious Offers)

Note: All items are subject to prior sale, price changes or removal from the market.
All specifications are subject to verification by prospective purchasers.

How about Wheel Skis for those hard to shovel places?


Or floats for when all that snow and ice has melted?

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