• New and Used Aircraft Sales
    We are NOT a Broker! We Own and have Flown Every Aircraft We Offer For Sale!

  • Fair Value "CASH" Buyer for Your Single Engine Aircraft.
    Why spend a year+ putting up with Brokers sending you joy riders every weekend and
    loosing another 6 to 10% when they finally sell your airplane? Or running your own
    advertisements and wasting your weekends waiting for people that never show up!
    How much interest could you have made over that year, if you had of sold to us for a
    fair price and saved the hassles and expenses of brokerage or with running your own
    advertisements and tying up all your spare time in phone calls and joy riders?
    Send us an e-mail or fax with the details of your aircraft and the "firm" price you are
    looking for. We will contact you as soon as we possibly can, as to the "feasibilty" of us
    purchasing your aircraft.

  • We Have an Amazing Variety!! of NOS Aircraft Hardware(AN, MS, NAS)and Parts
    Also, Various New and Used Airframe Parts and long forgotten hidden treasures!
    We also have a fair variety of AirCorps-811 Fittings that are no longer manufactured!
    How about NOS cowl rings for your DC3/C47!or a New tail fork for your Norseman!
    Or maybe just some of our 95,000+ anchor nuts in 68 different varieties?!
    Click above to view our vast inventory and low prices!

  • Custom Aircraft Construction and Kit Completions

  • Aircraft Float Construction and Installation - Straight and Amphibious

  • Modifications and Parts for Amateur Built Aircraft (Purchased and Sold)

  • Engine Installations on Amateur Built Aircraft

  • Instrument Panels Built and Prewired for Amateur Built Aircraft

  • Repairs on Amateur Built Aircraft - You Bend It, We Mend It!

  • We are your Murphy Aircraft Product Specialist!
    Over 20,500 hours of personal, hands on construction and repair experience on Murphy Aircraft's Products alone!!! Ground looped or inversion on floats? Need a wing or fuselage repaired? Due to the misfortunes of others, we have repaired or replaced almost every airframe component on the Rebel series aircraft!
    Like the saying goes, "We've Been There, Done That!"

  • Our "RESCUE" trailer is always ready to roll! (7' wide X 36' long)

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